It is a tradition in our world even before that marital union is very essential part in our life. Additionally, it became a family value that married couples must stick with each other whatever may come in their way. Wedding rings then came into place in order to solidify these unions and therefore create a bond between the two partners.

dream wedding rings

Owing to the fact that wedding rings play a very significant role in marriage, there are decisions in which the people getting married need to make with regard. There are things that these couple must think into considerations like the style and size, metal type, and most especially, the price.

Size and Style

The size comes in different sizes in which you will need to find the ring that would perfectly fit and suit you well. It would be better if you find the ring that fits your finger without having to alter its size. For the style of the wedding ring, you can choose the ring engraved or embossed with diamonds or gemstone. There are some who chooses their birthstone inlayed on their rings to make it a bit stunning. Thus, you can choose on what design both of you concerted.

Metal type

Gold is a type of material a couple may choose for their ring. It comes in a variety of karats such as 10 karat, 14 karat or 24 karat gold. There is also platinum a couple might be considering. Platinum rings are likely to more expensive than gold, but it would be a great choice if you have more budgets.


This is also an important factor a couple should consider. It is suggested to take advantage of the end of season sale to get the ring you want. With that you may be able to find your perfect ring. You can also get a good price of rings online but it is also important to be aware of a certain little trick that will enable you to get a cheaper price in the internet.

Costume Made Jewellery

This costume jewellery is perceived to play a really big part in the culture of hundreds of people. Wanting to own a beautiful one is somehow a common desire most especially by women out there. Up until now, this continues. There is also a popular name and this is called fashion jewel. But then, there are still discussions about this. It is still to be debated as to whether it is appropriate for the mentioned to be given the term. The same is also true with its use. It is crucial to know if it is just suitable in the classification of real jewellery. This got people asking, what is the difference between costume and fashion jewels?

The Real Difference

There are lines of thought to be given consideration. First of all, it has to be remembered that the term fashion and costume are somehow interchangeable. There is a need to relate to the very old, and same product. There are many who would say that jewels are only isolated to rings, necklaces, broaches, bracelets and earrings. However, this is not the case all the time. It does not even matter whether it is created with the use of non-precious and inexpensive materials. Usually, the items would be made of base metals. These may be gold stone or even silver stone. This can be from glass, acrylic, synthetic, plastic and as well as the semi-precious stones around the place.

There are instances when the term would be used for the purpose of preference alone. For most fashion conscious teenager, for instance, they would go for the fashionable one and this is for sure. However, for mature ones, they may pursue costume made. Despite this though, it would just surmount to the very same thing. These may be seen in most fashion magazines like Marie Claire, Vogue, and even Tatler. There are also kinds of designers out there who are Marc Jacobs, Chanel and even Thomas Sabo. This is for higher quality. Real gold may also be utilized. All of these and more should fit. These can be used like diamonds, silver, real gold and even pearls.

Black Diamonds are real diamonds

Yes, black diamonds are real and in fact considered one of the native minerals. It is also considered the most antique form of diamonds as it is scientifically hunched to be an aftermath of the supernova explosion that lead to the formation of what we know today as the Earth. It is known as the toughest form of diamond existing to date for its ability to overshadow several environmental elements. Contrary to other’s belief that colorless diamonds are the rarest, black diamonds are said to be more scarce and harder to find.

Black is Indeed Beautiful…and Precious

Loose black diamonds are often cheaper than clear white diamonds because of having lesser appeal to customers. Often times, customers value diamonds based on 4Cs (i.e. color, clarity, cut, and carat). Black diamonds are considered to be one of the fancy colored diamonds therefore should require unique characteristics from the colorless ones.

Black diamonds are assessed through its color, structure, and clarity. Although it does not follow the standards of how white diamonds are appraised, it does not mean that it is of lesser value. As a matter of fact, a jewellery with black diamonds is now becoming more expensive these days.

Black diamonds are not generally black. They also come in different shades of gray. Just like white diamonds, black diamonds have inclusions that make their structure unique. And no, black diamonds are not diamonds with low clarity. It has its own right to be assessed without using clarity grades for white diamonds. It is also porous and more delicate giving jewellers a hard time to polish it.

It is not surprising that the interest for black diamonds in jewelries has gradually increased today with the appreciation that black defines elegance. Whether you bought it at a low price or someone thought of giving you a piece just because it cost lesser that white diamonds, always remember that like other jewelries these should be treated as a priced possession. Having a jewellery accentuated with black diamonds are worthy investments for fashion and money. So why not get one today while you still can afford it?